Muhammad H. Al-Haboubi

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Anthropometric data available in the literature refers to certain nationalities. In a substantial number of countries, a mixture of individuals of different races live in a particular city or even a community. Anthropometrists should address the users of the intended system irrespective of their ethnic background. A case study for the community of King Fahd(More)
The majority of license plates in Saudi Arabia contain a 7-digit code to represent the registration number of vehicles. This information can be difficult to read, memorize, and reproduce in a short period of time, such as in the case of recall of hit-and-run accidents. The study reported proposes a registration code composed of 3 letters and 3 digits. This(More)
Every year, more than two millions of Muslims went to the Holy city of Makah for pilgrimage "Hajj". There are a lot of activities that should be done during pilgrimage. One of the rituals performed by Muslim pilgrims during pilgrimage in al-Jamarat area in Mina, adjacent to Makah, is throwing stones at a pillar target. This activity is a symbol of(More)
صلاخلا ــ ة : يف جاجحلا اهب موقي يتلا ةينيدلا رئاعشلا ىدحإ مجرل اًزمر لثمتو صخاش ىلع تارمجلا يمر يه ىنم ناطيشلا . مايلأا للاخ ةتوافتم تاقوأ يف ةريعشلا هذه نودؤي اًبيرقت جاح ينويلم ىلإ جاجحلا ددع لصيو ةيرجهلا ةنسلا يف مجرلل ةنيعملا ةثلاثلا . ضرلأا ىلع طوقسلا لعجي امم ةمحدزم حبصت يمرلا ةقطنم نكل ملاسلا راطخأ مهأ دحأ ة . ةقطنم ميمصت ةداعإ مزلتسي ،ىرخأ ةملاس(More)
A great many anthropometric studies contain the data of either males or females. Instead of presenting single-sex data, this study presents a method of using the female/male (F/M) ratio to estimate the dimensions of unknown body parts. Several studies that include the data for both sexes are used to develop the ratio. Statistical analysis is performed,(More)
This study is a work on analyzing the traditional shapes of classrooms. A model is presented that considers the rectangular classroom divided into five sections as a function of two factors: viewing distance and horizontal viewing angle. The reading time and number of errors are affected by both. This model is validated experimentally, and the shape of a(More)
Long hours of work while standing have been known to cause health problems for humans. Such professions include that of the barber. A survey was conducted of barbers from different barber shops in Saudi Arabia to determine their discomfort level. A prototype workstation was then designed and constructed in which the barber sits and performs work. The(More)
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