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The idea for writing this piece of study is to analyze the overall impact of organizational culture directly or indirectly on employee's job performance.To find the influence of organizational culture on employee performance within software houses working in Pakistan. This is a survey based research study. Primary and secondary data were used in this study.(More)
In this paper we discuss the problem of finding the number of zeros of a polynomial in a given circle when the coefficients of the polynomial or their real or imaginary parts are restricted to certain conditions. Our results in this direction generalize some well-known results in the theory of the distribution of zeros of polynomials.
BACKGROUND Marama bean protein, as extracted previously at pH 8, forms a viscous, adhesive and extensible dough. To obtain a protein isolate with optimum functional properties, protein extraction under slightly acidic conditions (pH 6) was investigated. RESULTS Two-dimensional electrophoresis showed that pH 6 extracted marama protein lacked some basic 11S(More)
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