Muhammad Fiqri Muthohar

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A Software Defined Network (SDN) is a new paradigm in network management that separates control plane and data plane. A control plane has an important role in managing the whole networks. Since SDN introduces control plane as the manager of the network, it also introduces the single point of failure. When SDN controller is unreachable by the network(More)
Recently, OpenFlow and FlowVisor are the most promising architecture components of the software-defined networks (SDNs). The evolution of these components brought the revolution of utilizing network elements for the shared and virtual network infrastructure, however from the aspects of production networks, it still lacks of some key component. For example,(More)
Advance in Software Defined Network is enabling more possibilities of network infrastructure utilization. For example, underutilized network resource in the production network can be shared to provide research and development network that does not mix with the production one. In our previous work, we already provide users a way to manage their defined(More)
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