Muhammad Fauzan Othman

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In this paper, we proposed a preemptive utility accrual scheduling (or PUAS) algorithm to further extend the functionalities of General Utility Scheduling (or GUS) algorithm proposed by Peng Li [1]. Both of these algorithms are developed for adaptive real-time system environment where untoward effects such as deadline misses and overloads are tolerable. The(More)
In this paper, we proposed two recovery solutions over the existing error-free utility accrual scheduling algorithm known as General Utility Accrual Scheduling algorithm (or GUS) (Peng Li, 2004). A robust fault recovery algorithm called Backward Recovery GUS (or BRGUS) works by adapting the time redundancy model i.e., by re-executing the affected task after(More)
This paper proposed a robust algorithm named as Backward Recovery Preemptive Utility Accrual Scheduling (BRPUAS). The proposed algorithm solved the abortion problem in the existing TUF/UA scheduling paradigm known as ARPUAS that only considers the abortion recovery as their fault recovery solution. BRPUAS enables the re-execution of the affected tasks(More)
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