Muhammad Belal Hossain

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The utility of laparoscopic repair in the treatment of incisional hernia repair is still contentious. The aim was to conduct a meta-analysis of RCTs investigating the surgical and postsurgical outcomes of elective incisional hernia by open versus laparoscopic method. A search of PubMed, Medline, Embase, Science Citation Index, Current Contents, and the(More)
We like to congratulate Drs. Jensen and Jorgensen for detecting the error in our analysis for postoperative wound infection outcome variable. We are also grateful to them for providing us their version of forest plot for wound infection variable. However, we would like to provide a different version of this forest plot based on the fact that we have used a(More)
The study was carried out to investigate the associated maggots and bacteria in myiasis affected wound in animals. Total 37 myiasis affected cattle (n=25) and goats (n=12) were examined in this study, of which 21 samples were collected from the Veterinary clinics of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh, and the remaining 16 samples were(More)
Although laparoscopic posterior (Nissen) fundoplication (LPF) has the proven efficacy for controlling gastro-oesophgeal reflux surgically, there remain problems with postoperative dysphagia and the inability to belch or vomit. To decrease some of these postoperative complications, laparoscopic anterior fundoplication (LAF) was introduced. The aim of this(More)
Community awareness regarding rabies and treatment seeking behaviours are critical both for the prevention and control of the disease in human and animals. We conducted a study to explore people's awareness about rabies, their attitudes towards dogs and practices associated with treating dog bites in Satkhira Sadar, a south-western sub-district of(More)
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