Muhammad Baqar Raza

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This paper reviews the perennial problem of knowledge management / information integration in large scale, complex and knowledge intensive organisations such as automotive industries. Automotive industry is under increased pressure to produce low cost customised products using innovative agile manufacturing techniques. Presently this innovation has focused(More)
This research aims to gain a detailed understanding of data producers, data consumers and format/flow of the data within automotive industry for defining and using Bill of Process (BoP) for engine assembly lines. The focus remained on the real industrial challenge of rapid constraint evaluation for designing and/or reconfiguration of Powertrain assembly(More)
This paper provides solutions to the real industrial need of adding knowledge layer to commercial PLM systems. PLM systems can be enhanced to be used as Knowledge Management tools to solve the semantic interoperability problem of heterogeneous data. Large amounts of product and machine component data exists in under-utilised databases due to the inability(More)
This paper presents an approach at improving Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in large scale multinational manufacturing companies using Ford Motor Company as a case study. The solution builds a software layer around an existing PLM infrastructure that uses Semantic Web Services (SWSs) to enable a new generation of PLM. This new PLM is then integrated(More)
Manufacturing companies face the challenge of maintaining documentation and knowledge about their projects and products, scattered in heterogenous, distributed databases, represented in different formats and languages, and hosted in mutually incompatible systems. At the same time, the knowledge needs to be accessed on a global level from different(More)
Advances in mobile and embedded computing are presenting computing environment that embrace personalisation, mobility and real-time computing. As a result Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) has to adopt new methods of service security, service management and service execution. For the business process these adaptations yield challenges in terms of process(More)
Western manufacturing is under pressure to produce high quality customized products particularly in large manufacturing such as the car industry at low costs. Here the development of such product customization requires the adoption of innovative agile manufacturing techniques. To date this innovation has focused on the improved process development between(More)
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