Muhammad Babar

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Boron toxicity is one of the most important environmental stresses prevailing globally, which limits grain production. In wheat, tolerance to boron toxicity has been manipulated around the Bo1 locus on 7BL chromosome. However, there is a need to identify new diversity in other Triticeae to broaden the germplasm base for genetic improvement and greater(More)
An extensive study on spontaneous and 5-Fluorodeoxyuridine induced fragile sites identified Xq31 in cattle (Bos taurus) and (Xq24, Xq26) in sheep (Ovis aries) in addition to several autosomal fragile sites (under publication). A ZOO-FISH study using three cloned human fragile-X probes with CCG/CGGn trinucleotide repeat sequence was carried out to determine(More)
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