Muhammad Azman Miskam

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This paper presents a comprehensive survey on vibration powered electromagnetic micro generator, which harvest mechanical energy from environment and convert this energy into useful electrical power for micro system and sensor node. The on-going research works on electromagnetic micro generator are reviewed as a background of this paper. Basic theories of(More)
Vibration energy harvesting is one of potential renewable energy that may replace conventional chemical battery as energy source for powering wireless micro-system. One of the vibration energy harvester designs makes use of Faraday's law of induction which is electromagnetic method. This type micro-generator generally consists of cantilever, magnets and(More)
Energy scavenging from ambient sources is an attractive alternative to batteries because of an almost unlimited lifetime and is environmentally safe. Environmental vibration is a particularly attractive energy source because of its abundance, and several scavenging techniques such as piezoelectric, electrostatic and electromagnetic (EM) transduction. Since(More)
Torrefaction process of biomass material is essential in converting them into biofuel with improved calorific value and physical strength. However, the production of torrefied biomass is loose, powdery, and nonuniform. One method of upgrading this material to improve their handling and combustion properties is by densification into briquettes of higher(More)
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