Muhammad Azam Rashid

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Dihydrobenzo[a]fluorene derivatives have been prepared by a formal intramolecular [3 + 3] cycloaddition of o-alkynylstyrenes bearing a secondary alkyl group at the β-position of the styrene moiety. The process, catalyzed by a cationic gold(I) complex, involves a 1,2-hydride migration as the key step. 6,11-Dihydro-5H-benzo[a]fluorenes could be obtained from(More)
A convenient method for the preparation of synthetically useful 3-iodoindene derivatives has been developed. This protocol, based on the 5-endo iodocyclization reaction of o-(alkynyl)styrenes, represents one of the scarce examples of halocyclizations using olefins as nucleophilic counterparts and allows the synthesis of both 3-iodo-1H-indenes (from(More)
Indenes and related polycyclic structures have been efficiently synthesized by gold(I)-catalyzed cycloisomerizations of appropriate ortho-(alkynyl)styrenes. Disubstitution at the terminal position of the olefin was demonstrated to be essential to obtain products originating from a formal 5-endo-dig cyclization. Interestingly, a complete switch in the(More)
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