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s Training and Development, On the Job Training, Training Design and Delivery style are four of the most important aspects in organizational studies. The focus of current study is to understand the affect of Training and Development, On the Job Training, Training Design and Delivery style on Organizational performance. The back bone of this study is the(More)
This paper tries to take into account the sequential element in fertility decisions and continues an investigation originally begun by Namboodiri. We examine the extent to which the "desire to have additional children" can be explained by a variety of economic, sociological, and demographic variables. The probit maximum likelihood estimation procedure is(More)
BACKGROUND Prompt, quality assured laboratory diagnosis is key to effective malaria case management and control, especially since the introduction of the more expensive artemisinin combination therapy (ACT). The malaria programme and its non-government partners, on the basis of WHO recommended Lot Quality Assurance methods, have developed a district level(More)
Stock market plays an important role in the economic development of a country. A number of studies have been investigated on the causal relationship between macroeconomic indicators and stock exchange prices. But in the context of Pakistan, not many studies can be traced in literature, moreover this study has used the set of macroeconomic indicators which(More)
BACKGROUND Regulation of reproduction is now considered to be carried out by the kisspeptin and its receptor, GPR54 or Kiss1r. Mutations of either Kiss1 or Kiss1r in humans and mice result in profound hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. The present study was aimed to determine whether the levels of kisspeptin are associated with male infertility. METHODOLOGY(More)
In this study, we examined the relationship between transformational leadership, employee engagement and employee performance. Furthermore the mediating effect of psychological ownership in the dimensions of self-efficacy, belongingness, self-identity and accountability are studied in the relationship of these variables with employee performance. The(More)
Sathar and Irfan's paper on Pakistan's 1979-80 Population, Labor Force, and Migration Survey provides a useful starting point for additional research, although the objective of interpreting the results of this survey is somewhat premature since the findings have not been fully compiled. The authors' estimates of the determinants of fertility, however, is(More)
Human Resource (HR) activities, Structural Capital (SC) resources and relationship with different Stakeholders are the three most important aspects in undertaking study of an organization. The focus of this study is to check the significance of the intellectual capital on the financial performance of the Banks in the Pakistan. The back bone of this study is(More)
This study was carried out during 2005-2008 to identify existing plant species visited by workers of honeybees for nectar and pollen collection in Dera Ismail Khan (D.I.Khan) District, Pakistan. The honeybee species investigated in the area were, rock bee (Apis dorsata F.), little bee (A. florea F.) and European honeybee (A. mellifera L.). A detailed list(More)