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Efficacy of Plant Extracts Against Honey Bee Mite, Varroa destructor (Acari: Varroidae)
Honey bee parasitic mite, Varroa destructor is external parasite of honey bees in Pakistan and plant extracts, Neem oil, Mixture and tobacco oil can be measured for the control of theVarroa mites. Expand
Behavioral response of Panonychus citri (McGregor) (Acari: Tetranychidae) to synthetic chemicals and oils
The presence of tested acaricides interferes with P. citri dispersal within leaf surfaces of plantations depending on the mites released point and a preferred site for feeding. Expand
Dusky Cotton Bug, Oxycarenus laetus
Present study was designed to study the population dynamics of dusky cotton bug (Oxycarenus laetus KIRBY) on selected genotypes (BT-121 and CIM-496) in relation to abiotic factors. Maximum populationExpand
Dispersal Mechanism Assessment for Panonychus citri (Acari: Tetranychidae) Secondary Outbreaks
change in treatment application patterns leads to a change in the behavioral responses in P. citri, which may explain why citrus orchards were severely damaged and how suddenly a whole citrus plantation can be highly infested. Expand
First record of Macrocheles matrius (Hull, 1925) (Acari: Macrochelidae) from Turkey
The morphological characters of Macrocheles matrius are presented with description, diagnosis and original figures from Turkish specimens, and a key of poultry manure-inhabiting adult (females) of known species from Samsun, Turkey is provided. Expand