Muhammad Anjum Iqbal

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The coupling of Boc-Val-OH to either H-Pro-OBzl or H-Pro-Gly-Val-Gly-OBzl by the mixed anhydride method leads to the formation of a urethane by-product in yields of 40-60%. This side reaction can be suppressed by the addition of HOBt to the reaction mixture before the amino component is added. This results in a substantially increased yield of the desired(More)
Carbon-13 NMR longitudinal relaxation time and line-width studies are reported on the coacervate concentration (about 60% water by weight) of singly carbonyl carbon enriched polypentapeptides of elastin: specifically, (L-Val1-L-[1-13C]Pro2-Gly3-L-Val4-Gly5)n and (L-Val1-L-Pro2-Gly3-L-Val4-[1-13C]Gly5)n. On raising the temperature from 10 to 25 degrees C and(More)
The genetic diversity among eight sunflower lines was determined through the estimation of the random amplified polymorphic DNA method. One hundred and fifty-six DNA fragments were generated by 20 random primers, for an average of about 7.8 bands per primer. Of these amplified DNA fragments, 104 were polymorphic among the eight sunflower lines. Nei and Li's(More)
Crop productivity and water consumption form the basis to calculate the water footprint (WF) of a specific crop. Under current climate conditions, calculated evapotranspiration is related to observed crop yields to calculate WF. The assessment of WF under future climate conditions requires the simulation of crop yields adding further uncertainty. To assess(More)
Cotton germplasm was analyzed to investigate its potential for developing water stress tolerance in varieties in the future. Four tolerant (NIAB-78, CIM-482, BH-121, and VH-142) and four susceptible (CIM-446, FH-1000, FH-900, and FH-901) lines were identified of 50 accessions based on their seedling root length. A complete set of diallel crosses among eight(More)
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