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Harvesting high quality lint, a long-awaited breeding goal-accomplished partly, can be achieved by identifying DNA markers which could be used for diagnosing cotton plants containing the desired traits. In the present studies, a total of 185 cotton genotypes exhibiting diversity for lint traits were selected from a set of 546 genotypes evaluated for fiber(More)
Polyploidy plays an important role in plant morphology and an important tool to create genetic and morphological variation. The idea of this investigation was to differentiate the tetrapoloid and diploid morphologically. Three lines tetrapoloids were used to differentiate diploid from triploids on morphological basis. In present study morphological(More)
Luminescent silicon nanocrystals (Si-NCs) surface functionalized with dodecyl groups were exposed to solutions of nitroaromatic compounds including nitrobenzene, nitrotoluene, and dinitrotoluene. It was found that Si-NC luminescence was quenched upon exposure to nitroaromatics via an electron transfer mechanism as indicated by Stern-Volmer analysis. This(More)
—Spaceborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) plays more and more important role in Earth observation science, especially with ScanSAR mode which provides wide-swath coverage with moderate resolution. However, scalloping and inter-scan banding (ISB) are two major artifacts, which significantly degrade the quality of ScanSAR images. In this paper, a novel(More)
Batteries have an important role in the development of electrical energy utilization, such as in renewable energy and electric vehicles. Batteries with good performance would support the devices which utilized them. Because the amount of energy stored in a battery is limited, so battery getting charging and discharging cycles. Improper charge and discharge(More)
Porous thin layer of zinc oxide have been made using chemical bath deposition method with the precursor of zinc nitrate tetrahydrate on a substrate of alumina (Al 2 O 3). The morphology of the formed layer has the form of sheet structure and flowerlike structure. ZnO layers showed the lack of oxygen. Conductivity sensors varies with changes in operating(More)
Battery has an important role as energy storage in electricity system utilization such as in electric vehicle and in smart microgrid system. Battery Management System (BMS) is needed to treat the dynamics of energy storage process in the battery in order to improve the performance and extend the life time of battery. In this paper, BMS cell monitoring and(More)
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) could be categorized as the one of air pollution source. They are hazardous to human's health if they were exposed to human above the allowed threshold level value (TLV). Some of them are odorless and colorless so they were difficult to be detected by human senses. Therefore, the presence of VOCs gas sensor device is(More)