Muhammad Anis

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This paper presents the fully integrated self-quenched super-regenerative UWB impulse detector for low power and medium data rate wireless applications. The high gain, large bandwidth and low power consumption are the attractive properties of self-quenched super regenerative receivers for UWB system. The bandwidth of 1.5GHz across the central frequency of(More)
Recently developed in situ NO3 − sensors provide new opportunities to measure changes in stream concentration at high temporal frequencies that historically have not been feasible. In this study, we used multiparameter sensor measurements to relate assimilatory NO3 − uptake to metabolic rates and calculate continuous uptake rates for two stream reaches and(More)
A 4th order RF bandpass sigma delta modulator (BPSDM) centered at 2.4GHz ISM band based on integrated transmission lines (ITLs) is presented for the first time. The modulator consists of two tunable capacitively-loaded transmission line resonators with active Q-enhancement. As a result, the design of noise transfer function (NTF) is simplified and the(More)
The free amino acid profile of cocoa nibs as a result of hydrolysis by proteolytic enzyme from wastewater of latex Hevea brasiliensis processing on cocoa nibs were monitored for 8 hours. Pepsin enzyme is using as control. There are similarities profile of free amino acids produced by the enzyme from wastewater and the pepsin enzyme. If using proteolytic(More)
This paper presents an IEEE 802.15.4 868.6MHz band PSSS RF receiver front end. The wideband inductorless differential LNA, mixer and digitally controlled VGA based on multi-tanh principle with emitter degenerative configuration are implemented to fulfill the linearity requirement according to the PSSS standard. The test chip is implemented in a 0.25um SiGe(More)
In this paper, we present low power and low data rate fully integrated super-regenerative band-pass filters for multi-band UWB system. The high RF gain, low power consumption and poor selectivity are the attractive properties of super regenerative filters for multiband UWB system. The test structure consists of four super- regenerative band-pass filters,(More)