Muhammad Amir Khan

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Gender classification is a fundamental face analysis task. In literature, the focus of most researchers has been on the face images acquired under controlled conditions. Real-world face images contain different illumination effects and variations in facial expressions and poses that make gender classification more challenging task. In this paper, we have(More)
Software component selection is the most important part of component based software development. A large amount of time is invested in searching and selecting the most appropriate component from component repository. Different methods are used to select components quickly and efficiently. In the proposed method we have used part of off the shelf option and(More)
No part of this journal may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means without written permission from the publisher, except for noncommercial, educational use including classroom teaching purposes. Product or company names used in this journal are for identification purposes only. Inclusion of the names of the products or companies does not indicate(More)
In the era of software globalization, the need for securing software is much sought to ensure its smooth functioning for continuous availability of services to the users. Particularly, in cloud computing environment, all the software in the cluster needs to be secured and shielded against unauthorized accesses. Software crackers are always in the search of(More)
Recently, wireless sensor network (WSN) applications have seen an increase in interest. In search and rescue, battlefield reconnaissance, and some other such applications, so that a survey of the area of interest can be made collectively, a set of mobile nodes is deployed. Keeping the network nodes connected is vital for WSNs to be effective. The provision(More)
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