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Recent advances in the silicon technology is enabling the VLSI chips to accommodate billions of transistors; leading toward incorporating hundreds of heterogeneous components on a single chip. However, it has been observed that the scalability of chips is posing grave problems for the current interconnect architecture which is unable to cope with the(More)
Networks on chips (NoCs) have been introduced as a remedy for the growing problems of current interconnects in VLSI chips. Being a relatively new domain in research, simulation tools for NoCs are scarce. To fill the gap, we use network simulator NS-2 for simulating NoCs, especially at high level chip design. The huge library of network elements along with(More)
Electrical insulation is an important part of all electrical systems. The level of insulation safety provided by an insulator depends on the amount of leakage current flowing on its surface. Actually increased leakage current causes a part of high voltage to appear at dead end of insula-tor. This voltage may sometimes be of order of 1000 to 5000 Volts(More)
Pinocembrin (5,7-dihydroxyflavanone) is one of the primary flavonoids isolated from the variety of plants, mainly from Pinus heartwood, Eucalyptus, Populus, Euphorbia, and Sparattosperma leucanthum, in the diverse flora and purified by various chromatographic techniques. Pinocembrin is a major flavonoid molecule incorporated as multifunctional in the(More)
SUMMARY NAViGaTOR is a powerful graphing application for the 2D and 3D visualization of biological networks. NAViGaTOR includes a rich suite of visual mark-up tools for manual and automated annotation, fast and scalable layout algorithms and OpenGL hardware acceleration to facilitate the visualization of large graphs. Publication-quality images can be(More)
According to International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), before the end of this decade we will be entering the era of a billion transistors on a single chip. However, it has been observed that as the system grows, so does the complexity of integrating various components on a chip. The major threat toward the achievement of a billion(More)
Creatine is known to rescue animals following brain damage. Present study was designed to demonstrate the effect of long term (15 week) supplementation of 2% creatine monohydrate (Cr), following neonatal hypoxic ischemic insult, on learning and memory formation in male albino mouse. Albino mice pups were subjected to right common carotid artery ligation(More)