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Polyamines (PAs) are ubiquitous biogenic amines that have been implicated in diverse cellular functions in widely distributed organisms. In plants, mutant and transgenic plants with altered activity pointed to their involvement with different abiotic and biotic stresses. Furthermore, microarray, transcriptomic and proteomic approaches have elucidated key(More)
Five series of thiourea derivatives bearing benzothiazole moiety (20 compounds) were efficiently synthesized and evaluated for antimicrobial and anticancer activities. The results indicated that the compounds possessed a broad spectrum of activity against the tested microorganisms and showed higher activity against fungi than bacteria. Compounds 1b, 2b, 3b,(More)
Mangiferin, 2-beta-D-glucopyranosyl-1,3,6,7-tetrahydroxy-9H-xanthen-9-one, obtained directly from methanolic extracts of Bombax ceiba leaves in substantial amounts demonstrated strong antioxidant activity (EC(50) 5.8+/-0.96 mug/ml or 13.74 muM) using DPPH assay comparable to rutin, commonly used as antioxidant for medical purposes. The acetyl and cinnamoyl(More)
Nitrogen removal from wastewater via anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox)-based process has been recognized as efficient, cost-effective and low energy alternative to the conventional nitrification and denitrification processes. To date, more than one hundred full-scale anammox plants have been installed and operated for treatment of NH4(+)-rich(More)
By employing concerted 1 and 2D NMR techniques, exact NMR spectral assignments have been made of the acyl (2-7) and methyl (8 and 9) derivatives of mangiferin (1) isolated from the leaves of Bombax ceiba. Derivatives 2, 8 and 9 have been reported in literature, while 3-7 represent new compounds. The acetates 2 and 3 were found to be unstable and were(More)
It is still the biggest challenge to secure enough seeding biomass for rapid start-up of full-scale (anaerobic ammonium oxidation) anammox processes due to slow growth. Preservation of active anammox biomass could be one of the solutions. In this study, biomass of anammox bacterium, "Candidatus Brocadia sinica", immersed in various nutrient media were(More)
Rapid start-up of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) process in up-flow column reactors was successfully achieved by immobilizing minimal quantity of biomass in polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-sodium alginate (SA) gel beads. The changes in the reactor performance (i.e., nitrogen removal rate; NRR) were monitored with time. The results demonstrate that the(More)
Recent advances in the silicon technology is enabling the VLSI chips to accommodate billions of transistors; leading toward incorporating hundreds of heterogeneous components on a single chip. However, it has been observed that the scalability of chips is posing grave problems for the current interconnect architecture which is unable to cope with the(More)
Bis-Schiff bases 1-27 have been synthesized and their in vitro antiglycation potential has been evaluated. Compounds 21 (IC(50)=243.95+/-4.59microM), 20 (IC(50)=257.61+/-5.63microM), and 7 (IC(50)=291.14+/-2.53microM) showed an excellent antiglycation activity better than the standard (rutin, IC(50)=294.46+/-1.50microM). This study has identified a series(More)
Networks on chips (NoCs) have been introduced as a remedy for the growing problems of current interconnects in VLSI chips. Being a relatively new domain in research, simulation tools for NoCs are scarce. To fill the gap, we use network simulator NS-2 for simulating NoCs, especially at high level chip design. The huge library of network elements along with(More)