Muhammad Ali Nasir

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We found that a rise in economic growth increases energy emissions. We found that financial development lowers energy emissions. We found that coal consumption significantly deteriorate environment. We found that trade openness improves environmental quality. Existence of EKC is also found. a b s t r a c t This paper explores the effects of financial(More)
At the dawn of a new era, vast expansion of human communication is profoundly influencing culture everywhere. Revolutionary technological changes are only part of what is happening. Which is unifying humanity and turning it into what is known as a global village. But it is changed in the concept of global room. Because recent decades also have witnessed(More)
The aim of the study was to determine optimum dietary energy level during the last trimester of pregnancy for Sahiwal heifers in subtropical Pakistan. Sixteen Sahiwal heifers, 5–6 months pregnant, were assigned to four dietary treatments with four heifers on each treatment. Isonitrogenous (CP = 14.1%) diets having varying energy, namely, ME 88%, ME 100%(More)
Currently, there are many weblog that have been posting many story and news about political issues in Malaysia. Therefore, it draws Internet space as an area for political bloggers to be involves in cyber war. There are many factors that contribute to this cyber war such as opinions from bloggers, spreading of rumors and information through cyberspace. Most(More)
This paper presents the comparative results of a current study on unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) matrix composites processed by filament winding method, with cotton spun yarn of different mass irregularities and two different volume fractions. Physical and mechanical properties were measured, namely ultimate stress, stiffness, elongation%. The mechanical(More)
The main objective of the study was to determine of practices of sterilization techniques at private dental clinics of Karachi, Pakistan. 150 dental clinics of the town were selected, owned and run by qualified dentists. The purpose of the study was explained to the owners /practitioners verbal consent was taken. Author designed the questionnaire by close(More)
The energy sector has been actively looking into cyber risk assessment at a global level, as it has a ripple effect; risk taken at one step in supply chain has an impact on all the other nodes. Cyber-attacks not only hinder functional operations in an organization but also waves damaging effects to the reputation and confidence among shareholders resulting(More)
The rational of this study was to determine the level of knowledge, attitude, and practice in regard to standards isolation, precautions among dentistry students in different dental colleges of Karachi so that steps could be taken to enhance the standards of dental practice and reduces the probabilities of cross infection. The main objective of the study(More)
—This research paper presents dynamic modeling of inertial sensor based one degree of freedom (1-DoF) stabilizing platform. Plant is a ball on a pivoted beam. Nonlinear modeling of the plant is done. Ball position on beam is actuated by DC motor using two arms and one beam structure. Arms and beam are linked by pivoted joints. Nonlinear geometrical(More)
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