Muhammad Akmal Butt

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The distance transform has found many applications in image analysis. Chamfer distance transforms are a class of discrete algorithms that offer a good approximation to the desired Euclidean distance transform at a lower computational cost. They can also give integer-valued distances that are more suitable for several digital image processing tasks. The(More)
In this paper we briefly describe advancements in two broad areas of morphological image analysis. Part I deals with differential morphology and curve evolution. The partial differential equations (PDEs) that model basic morphological operations are first presented. The resulting dilation PDE, numerically implemented by curve evolution algorithms, improves(More)
This paper presents an overview of selected topics from an emerging new image analysis methodology that starts from continuous models provided by partial differential equations (PDEs) and proceeds with discrete processing of the image data via the numerical implementation of these PDEs on some discrete grid. We briefly discuss basic ideas, examples,(More)
Cs ion exchange in RbTiOPO4 and (Yb,Nb):RTP/RTP(001) has been used to locally increase the refractive indices for waveguide circuit fabrication. Ti masks were fabricated on RTP samples by conventional photolithography. Cs exchange was done using a CsNO3 melt at 698 K during 2 h. Elemental analysis confirms an Cs profile with a variable depth. Apparently the(More)
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