Muhammad Akhtar

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Number of security vulnerabilities in web application has grown with the tremendous growth of web application in last two decades. As the domain of Web Applications is maturing, large number of empirical studies has been reported in web applications to address the solution of vulnerable web application. However, before advancing towards finding new(More)
Error correcting codes are combined with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modulation scheme to make it capable to cater for the severe multipath frequency selective environments which cause inter symbol interference (ISI). Modern communication systems are using Coded-OFDM technology due to its excellent performance in such environments.(More)
Model driven web engineering (MDWE) methodologies considered as the mature solutions to buildings this kind of applications. MDWE methodologies are famous for increase productivity while building this kind of applications. Agile development methodologies are now considered as industry standard for development of web applications. MockupDD (Stand for mockup(More)
In this paper, design of a complete turbo-encoded baseband communication system based on frequency hopping technique is presented. The frequency hopping rate is 200 hops/second, modulation is QPSK and overall hopping bandwidth is around 10 MHz. Simulation results are provided to analyze the performance of the designed communication system in terms of(More)
Large projection screens are increasingly present for everyday use at work. This paper introduces a new reliable system that utilizes spotlight emitted from a laser pointer device, a camera and a projection screen for interaction between human and computer. A camera is placed in a presentation room at a fixed but unknown distance and directed to the(More)
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