Muhammad Ajmal Shah

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Six compounds have been isolated from methanolic and petroleum ether extracts of Berberis lycium (Barberry). Four out of six isolated compounds are reported for the first time from this plant. Purification of different compounds has been accomplished by conventional extraction and chromatographic techniques. The compounds have been structurally(More)
Food borne diseases are an increasingly recognized problem involving a wide spectrum of illnesses caused by bacterial contamination of food. Enterobacteriaceae poses potential human health problems and is mainly transmitted through consumption of contaminated foods. Karachi is one of the biggest and thickly populated city of Pakistan where majority of the(More)
Background Oxidative stress and nonenzymatic protein glycation lead to serious diabetic complications that increase the risk of mortality. Rhinacanthus nasutus leaf crude extracts are previously reported for their antidiabetic, antiglycation, and antioxidant potential. Objective The present study was performed to prepare a standardized rhinacanthins-rich(More)
Lemon grass a popular aromatic plant which is commonly used as a substitute of green tea has a tremendous phytomedicinal potential. Like other tea plants it also having antimicrobial as well as antiprotozoal potential. Main objective of the present study was to find out the anthelmintic potential of aqueous extract of Cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass) by(More)
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