Muhammad Aizzat Zakaria

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BACKGROUND Sometimes even in adequate graft to recipient weight ratio (GRWR) settings and after ruling out all other causes, recipients still show features of the small for size syndrome. The purpose of this study was to evaluate all causative factors responsible for early graft dysfunction fulfilling the definition of the small for size syndrome,(More)
Trajectory tracking is an important aspect of autonomous vehicles. The idea behind trajectory tracking is the ability of the vehicle to follow a predefined path with zero steady state error. The difficulty arises due to the nonlinearity of vehicle dynamics. Therefore, this paper proposes a stable tracking control for an autonomous vehicle. An approach that(More)
OBJECTIVES Small-sized grafts are associated with high rates of graft failure and small-for-size syndrome. Portal flow is a causative factor for small-for-size syndrome. We sought to evaluate early graft dysfunction in smaller-sized grafts and the study factors responsible for it. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 450 patients underwent a living-donor(More)
The paper empirically examines the relationship between trade openness and the level of corruption in Pakistan using annual time-series data for the period 1984 to 2007. The analysis shows that trade openness negatively affects corruption in Pakistan. The results are robust to controlling for other corruption determining variables and various model(More)
Inflation is the rise in the prices of goods and services over a period of time or inflation can also be defined as when too much money chases too few goods or it can also be defined as the loss in the purchasing power of the consumer. Inflation rate is an important macroeconomic indicator and key variable. Most central banks around the world analyze when(More)
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