Muhammad Ahsan

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OBJECTIVE Our goal was to determine the impact of the initiation of inappropriate antimicrobial therapy on survival to hospital discharge of patients with septic shock. METHODS The appropriateness of initial antimicrobial therapy, the clinical infection site, and relevant pathogens were retrospectively determined for 5,715 patients with septic shock in(More)
BACKGROUND Medicines are a main therapeutic intervention provided within hospitals and their proper use in the outpatient setting is important for patients and the community. The objective of this study was to evaluate drug use patterns in the outpatient departments (OPDs) of two tertiary care hospitals (Bahawal Victoria Hospital and Civil Hospital) in the(More)
The combined use of plants and bacteria is a promising approach for the remediation of polluted soil. In the current study, the potential of bacterial endophytes in partnership with Leptochloa fusca (L.) Kunth was evaluated for the remediation of uranium (U)- and lead (Pb)-contaminated soil. L. fusca was vegetated in contaminated soil and inoculated with(More)
Efforts to build quantum computers using ion-traps have demonstrated all elementary qubit operations necessary for scalable implementation. Modular architectures have been proposed to construct modest size quantum computers with up to 10<sup>4</sup> - 10<sup>6</sup> qubits using technologies that are available today (MUSIQC architecture). Concrete(More)
Abstract: Grain yield is a complex phenomenon which results from the interaction of various contributing factors highly influenced by environmental variation. Phenotypic selection cannot directly improve the characters in heterozygous crops like maize unless dissected by genetic analysis. Gene action for various quantitative and qualitative traits was(More)
The hardware technology characterized by the device parameters (DPs) often drives the architectural optimization in a novel computer design such as the quantum computer. We highlight the role of DPs by quantifying the performance of a fully error-corrected 1024-bit quantum carry look-ahead adder on a modular, reconfigurable architecture based on trapped(More)
In order to investigate the inheritance pattern of indeterminate growth in Vigna radiata, various related traits were studied. The techniques used for the purpose were generation mean and variance analyses. Narrow sense heritability estimates were also computed. Four out of fifty greengram accessions were selected during preliminary screen trial based on(More)
FCC riser; Computational fluid dynamics (CFD); Cracking reaction kinetics; Hydrodynamics; 4-Lump kinetic model; k-Epsilon turbulence model Abstract Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) is an essential process for the conversion of gas oil to gasoline. This study is an effort to model the phenomenon numerically using commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD)(More)