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Drosophila melanogaster larvae are classified as herbivores and known to feed on non-carnivorous diet under normal conditions. However, when nutritionally challenged these larvae exhibit cannibalistic behaviour by consuming a diet composed of larger conspecifics. Herein, we report that cannibalism in Drosophila larvae is confined not only to scavenging on(More)
Propolis or bee glue has been used for centuries for various purposes and is especially important in human health due to many of its biological and pharmacological properties. In this work we showed quorum sensing inhibitory (QSI) activity of ten geographically distinct propolis samples from the United States using the acyl-homoserine lactone- (AHL-)(More)
BACKGROUND According to statistics of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic rhinoplasty was the second most frequently performed cosmetic surgery. This study shares the experiences with component rhinoplasty. METHODS From 2004 to 2010, all patients underwent aesthetic nasal surgery were enrolled. The patients requiring only correction of septal(More)
Online bibliographic databases are powerful resources for research in data mining and social network analysis especially co-author networks. Predicting future rising stars is to find brilliant scholars/researchers in co-author networks. In this paper, we propose a solution for rising star prediction by applying machine learning techniques. For(More)
BACKGROUND Breast augmentation is the most frequent procedure performed according to the 2009 Quick Facts report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This study presents the periareolar extra-glandular breast augmentation. METHODS From 2004 to 2010 among 32 female patients, peri-areolar incision was performed for breast augmentation. Dissection(More)
BACKGROUND The vacuum assisted closure (VAC) therapy has revolutionized the modern wound care. We developed a new concept of 'VAC at home' in order to decrease the hospital cost. METHODS The study was conducted in a private hospital from January 2009 to December 2010. Only those patients were included among whom the wounds were not complicated by(More)
BACKGROUND Various studies have been conducted in many countries to determine the perception/awareness about plastic surgery. The present study assessed the views of college students about plastic surgery. METHODS A questionnaire consisted of nine questions regarding the basic knowledge about plastic surgery was randomly distributed among college(More)
The accuracy of control systems analysis is of paramount importance as even minor design flaws can lead to disastrous consequences in this domain. This paper provides a higher-order-logic theorem proving based framework for the formal analysis of steady state errors in feedback control systems. In particular, we present the formalization of control system(More)
Dear Editor, Compression of endotracheal tube in palatopharyngeal surgery is an inherent problem. Many modifications of the Davis mouth gag have been used. 1 The tongue blade has also undergone various modifications to prevent endotracheal tube compression. A slot and a middle groove have been incorporated to prevent the tube compression. 2 This definitely(More)