Muhammad Adnan Siddique

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The temporal profiles of the emission from titania particle suspensions in Rhodamine 640 perchlorate dye solutions excited by 10-ps pulses of 527-nm radiation were measured over a wide range of particle and dye concentrations and laser powers. The dynamics of stimulated emission from random media is modeled by a random walk of photons within the colloid and(More)
A processor's performance and power consumption are tied; an increased performance demands more power, and vice versa. An optimal tradeoff can only be achieved by an improved prediction of the task execution times, prior to an efficient scheduling. Moreover, since the processor's soft error rate is a function of its operating voltage, it is also linked to(More)
Persistent scatterer interferometry (PSI) assumes the presence of a single temporally coherent scatterer in a range-azimuth pixel. Multiple scatterers interfering in the same pixel, as for the case of a layover, are typically rejected. Conventional SAR tomography (3D SAR) is a means to separate the individual scatterers in layover. Advanced tomographic(More)
Pair-wise face verification strives to determine whether two probe images belong to the same person. With the increasing demand of face recogni-tion/verification in real-world applications, the challenges confronted by the verification algorithms include not only dealing with large pose and lighting variations, but also very different imaging conditions(More)
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