Muhammad Adnan Shahzad

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Proteins in the plant apoplast are essential for many physiological processes. We have analysed and compared six different infiltration solutions for proteins contained in the apoplast to recognize the most suitable method for leaves and to establish proteome maps for each extraction. The efficiency of protocols was evaluated by comparing the protein(More)
Biomass partitioning was studied in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) inbred lines and their hybrids differing in salinity resistance. Differential biomass partitioning was observed among resistant and susceptible lines as well as within resistant lines, which were grown in large pots. Traits such as number of dead leaves and total number of nodes may be(More)
The translocation of a lipid binding protein (LBP) is studied using a phenomenological coarse-grained computational model that simplifies both chain and pore geometry. We investigated via molecular dynamics the interplay between transport and unfolding in the presence of a nanopore whose section oscillates periodically in time with a frequency ω, a motion(More)
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