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Patterns of geographical diversity, and the relationship between agro-morphological traits and fatty acid composition were assessed for 193 safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) accessions representing forty countries. Accessions were assigned to eight groups based on geographical proximity. Cluster and Principal Component analyses were performed to assess(More)
Texture can be observed in many natural and synthetic images from multispectral satellite images to the microscopic images of cell or tissue samples. Texture is an innate property of virtually all surfaces, the grain of wood, the weave of fabric, the pattern of crop in fields etc It contains important information about the structural arrangement of surfaces(More)
The explosive growth of Internet has resulted into ease of access of databases, around the world. To deal with piracy of copyrighted digital content, is turning out to be a serious problem. Embedding of a watermark signal is an interesting application field in the copyright protection of multimedia signals like images, sounds, movies etc [1]. Digital(More)
We propose to use a new approach to model the polio spread and prevention. The propose approach is inspired from P2P network. The approach is based on the graph transformations, which is a visual rule based formalism. The graph transformation has properties for stochastic modelling and simulation. In order to develop a stochastic model using graph(More)
– PSA stands for Pixel Scrambling Algorithm. This algorithm was published early this year [Potdar, Chang 2004]. This paper shows a practical application of PSA and how we can hide scanned document within an image. The scanned document could be either hand written or printed. The main idea behind this algorithm is that most scanned documents contain alot of(More)
The demand for the wireless communication is increasing enormously. Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) systems are helpful in this regard. The Multicarrier systems are designed with the combination of different space time coding techniques for fulfilling this demand. Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA) with Alamouti's Space Time(More)
The Multiple Input Multiple output system are considered to be the strongest candidate for the maximum utilization of available bandwidth. In this paper, the MIMO system with the combination of Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access and Space Time Coding using the Alamoutis scheme is considered. A Genetic Algorithm based receiver with an exceptional(More)
Automatic spoken digit recognition is one of the important areas in speech recognition. Local language spoken digits recognition is the next stage in this technological advancement. This paper presents a new approach for Pashto digits recognition using spectral and prosodic based feature extraction. Very little or almost no work has been done in Pashto(More)
This study was performed to develop alternating dentine adhesion models that could help in the evaluation of a self-bonding dental composite. For this purpose dentine from human and ivory was characterized chemically and microscopically before and after acid etching using Raman and SEM. Mechanical properties of dentine were determined using 3 point bend(More)
Multi Carrier systems like Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA) systems are effective solution for fulfilling high data rate demand of future networks. The Alamouti's space time coding is employed on MC-CDMA system. In this paper, Island, Genetic Algorithm (IGA) is applied to MC-CDMA, receiver in order to find out the weight vectors. This(More)
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