Muhammad Adnan Khan

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With an increased emphasis on transportation safety requirements, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) have emerged as the key underlying technology in the realization of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The IEEE-1609 set of standards for Wireless Access for Vehicular Environment (WAVE) specifies an architecture that includes new standards for(More)
The imbalance of a vertex v in a digraph D is defined as a(v) = d + (v)−d − (v), where d + (v) and d − (v) respectively denote the out-degree and indegree of vertex v. The imbalance sequence of D is formed by listing vertex imbalances in nondecreasing order. We define a minimally cyclic digraph as a connected digraph which is either acyclic or has exactly(More)
This study was performed to develop alternating dentine adhesion models that could help in the evaluation of a self-bonding dental composite. For this purpose dentine from human and ivory was characterized chemically and microscopically before and after acid etching using Raman and SEM. Mechanical properties of dentine were determined using 3 point bend(More)
The Multiple Input Multiple output system are considered to be the strongest candidate for the maximum utilization of available bandwidth. In this paper, the MIMO system with the combination of Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access and Space Time Coding using the Alamoutis scheme is considered. A Genetic Algorithm based receiver with an exceptional(More)
– PSA stands for Pixel Scrambling Algorithm. This algorithm was published early this year [Potdar, Chang 2004]. This paper shows a practical application of PSA and how we can hide scanned document within an image. The scanned document could be either hand written or printed. The main idea behind this algorithm is that most scanned documents contain alot of(More)
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