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Previous work suggested that functional voltage-gated Na(+) channels (VGSCs) are expressed specifically in strongly metastatic cells of rat and human prostate cancer (PCa), thereby raising the possibility that VGSC activity could be involved in cellular behavior(s) related to the metastatic cascade. In the present study, the possible role of VGSCs in the(More)
Certain antibiotics possess anti-inflammatory properties and could potentially be used to treat inflammatory lung diseases associated with an influx of monocytes such as panbronchiolitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and bronchitis. Doxycycline is reported to possess anti-inflammatory effects. Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) is a major inflammatory(More)
Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the esophagus is an uncommon malignancy, representing approximately 2% of esophageal carcinomas. It has also been referred to as carcinosarcoma, pseudosarcoma, pseudosarcomatous squamous cell carcinoma, spindle cell carcinoma, and polypoid carcinoma, reflecting the uncertainty of its pathogenesis. Histologically, carcinomatous and(More)
We have investigated the neurite growth-stimulating properties of euxanthone, a xanthone derivative isolated from the Chinese medicinal plant Polygala caudata. Euxanthone was shown to exert a marked stimulatory action on neurite outgrowth from chick embryo dorsal root ganglia explanted in collagen gels, in the absence of added neurotrophins. It was also(More)
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