Muhammad Adeel Akram

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Optical chemical sensors have promoted escalating interest in the determination of various pollutants in the environment, which are creating toxicity and may cause serious health problems. This review paper focuses particularly on the recent progress and developments in this field; the working principles and basic classes of optical chemical sensors have(More)
The demand for high performance embedded processors, for consumer electronics, is rapidly increasing for the past few years. Many of these embedded processors depend upon custom built Instruction Ser Architecture (ISA) such as game processor (GPU), multimedia processors, DSP processors etc. Primary requirement for consumer electronic industry is low cost(More)
BACKGROUND Biomarkers predicting tuberculosis treatment response and cure would facilitate drug development. This study investigated expression patterns of the co-stimulation molecule NKG2D in human tuberculosis and treatment to determine its potential usefulness as a host biomarker of tuberculosis drug efficacy. METHODS Tuberculosis patients (n = 26)(More)
Essentially a biometric system is a pattern recognition system which recognizes a user by determining the authenticity of a specific anatomical or behavioral characteristic possessed by the user. With the ever increasing integration of computers and Internet into daily life style, it has become necessary to protect sensitive and personal data. This paper(More)
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