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The conservation status of 845 zooxanthellate reef-building coral species was assessed by using International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List Criteria. Of the 704 species that could be assigned conservation status, 32.8% are in categories with elevated risk of extinction. Declines in abundance are associated with bleaching and diseases driven by(More)
The impact of seasonal to inter-annual climate prediction on society, business, agriculture and almost all aspects of human life, force the scientist to give proper attention to the matter. The last few years show tremendous achievements in this field. All systems and techniques developed so far, use the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) as the main factor,(More)
Multi-carrier cooperative relay-based wireless communication is of particular interest in future wireless networks. In this paper we present resource allocation algorithm in which sub-carrier pairing is of particular interest along with fairness constraint in multiuser networks. An optimization of sub-carrier pair selection is formulated through capacity(More)
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