Muhammad Abdullah Yousaf

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The use of efficient rates of nitrogen (N) fertilizer application is important with regard to increasing crop productivity and maintaining environmental sustainability. Rice-oilseed rape rotations are a mainstay of the economy and food security of China. Therefore, a field experiment was carried out during 2011-2013 in Honghu to identify the most(More)
Cotton is planted worldwide as a "cash crop" providing us fiber, edible oil, and animal feed as well. In this review, we presented a contemporary synthesis of the existing data regarding the importance of nitrogen application and tillage system on cotton growth and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission. Cotton growth and development are greatly influenced by(More)
In Pakistan, workingwomen often become victims of harassment during traveling which exacerbates uncertainty and hesitance among other workingwomen regarding their security. This paper discusses the android application, MehfoozAurat (safe woman), which we developed to support the lower socio-economic income bracket of working women who use public transport.(More)
Incredible accomplishments have been achieved in agricultural production in China, but many demanding challenges for ensuring food security and environmental sustainability remain. Field experiments were conducted from 2011-2013 at three different sites, including Honghu, Shayang, and Jingzhou in China, to determine the effects of fertilization on enhancing(More)
A 2-year experiment was conducted to ascertain the effects of exogenously applied plant growth regulators (PGR) on rice growth and yield attributes under high day (HDT) and high night temperature (HNT). Two rice cultivars (IR-64 and Huanghuazhan) were subjected to temperature treatments in controlled growth chambers and four different combinations of(More)
Agricultural production enhancement has been realized by more consumption of fossil energy such as fertilizer and agrochemicals. However, the production provides the present human with sufficient and diversified commodities, but at the same time, deprives in some extent the resources from the future human as well. In the other hand, it is known that(More)
Atmospheric gaseous elemental mercury [GEM] at 1.8, 4, and 59 m above ground, in parking lots, and in indoor and outdoor air was measured in Toronto City, Canada from May 2008-July 2009. The average GEM value at 1.8 m was 1.89 ± 0.62 ng m(-3). The GEM values increased with elevation. The average GEM in underground parking lots ranged from 1.37 to 7.86 ng(More)
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