Muhammad Abbas

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In this paper, a visualization of positive data is made in such a fashion where it presents a smooth, pleasant and eye catching view of the positive surface to viewer. An attempt has been made in order to extend a rational cubic function into a rational bi-cubic function for the preservation of positive data arranged over rectangular grid in the vision of(More)
In this paper, a collocation finite difference scheme based on new cubic trigonometric B-spline is developed and analyzed for the numerical solution of a one-dimensional hyperbolic equation (wave equation) with non-local conservation condition. The usual finite difference scheme is used to discretize the time derivative while a cubic trigonometric B-spline(More)
In this paper, a numerical method for the solution of a strongly coupled reaction-diffusion system, with suitable initial and Neumann boundary conditions, by using cubic B-spline collocation scheme on a uniform grid is presented. The scheme is based on the usual finite difference scheme to discretize the time derivative while cubic B-spline is used as an(More)
In this paper, an attempt has been made to construct a shape preserving rational bi-cubic interpolant (cubic/quadratic) with twelve free parameters to depict a more pleasant and smooth display of positive surface through positive data. Simple data dependent constraints are derived for four free parameters to preserve the positivity of data while the(More)
This paper deals with the shape preserving interpolation problem for visualization of 3D positive data. A required display of 3D data looks smooth and pleasant. A rational bi-cubic function involving six shape parameters is presented for this objective which is an extension of piecewise rational function in the form of cubic/quadratic involving three shape(More)
Abstract Bezier is one of the influent polynomial and important tool for interpolation because it is easy to compute and is also very stable. In this paper, we develop very simpler constraints for Quadratic and Cubic Bezier curve which they ensure to constrained by a line. The end control points of the Quadratic and Cubic Bezier curve will be left on user(More)
The main spotlight of this work is to visualize the monotone data to envision of very smooth and pleasant monotonicity preserving curves by using piecewise rational cubic function. The piecewise rational cubic function has three shape parameters in each interval. We derive a simpler constrains on shape parameters which assurance to preservation of the(More)