Muhammad Aamir Saleem

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Chronic disease may lead to life threatening health complications like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes that diminish the quality of life. CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) helps physician in effective utilization of patient’s clinical information at the time of diagnosis and medication. This paper points out the importance of social media and(More)
The present study reports the effect of Emblica officinalis (EO) derived tannins on humoral immune responses and their protective efficacy against Eimeria infection in chickens. Tannins were extracted from EO and characterized by HPLC. EO derived tannins (EOT) and commercial tannins (CT) were orally administered in broiler chicks in graded doses for three(More)
Using GPS-enabled smart phones, social network services are enriched with location information which allows users to share geo-tagged contents with their friends. This so called location-based social network (LBSN) data has a dual spatial and graph nature. The growing scale and importance of LBSN data necessitate a platform which (i) has both spatial and(More)
BACKGROUND Plants have widely been used and documented for their therapeutic potential in many parts of the world. There are, however, few reports on the use of plants for the treatment of diseases of equines. To this end, participatory epidemiology and rapid rural appraisal techniques were used to document the plants having pharmacotherapeutic significance(More)
Location-based social networks (LBSN) are social networks complemented with location data such as geo-tagged activity data of its users. In this paper, we study how users of a LBSN are navigating between locations and based on this information we select the most influential locations. In contrast to existing works on influence maximization, we are not per(More)
Viral hepatitis, an inflammatory liver disease, is caused by various genotypes of hepatitis C viruses (HCV). Hepatitis C slowly sprouts into fibrosis, which progresses to cirrhosis. Over a prolonged period of time compensated cirrhosis can advance to decompensated cirrhosis culminating in hepatic failure and death. Conventional treatment of HCV involves the(More)
Recently, the low cost and high availability of location acquisition technologies has significantly increased the demands for online anomalous trajectory detection. It is being used in social as well as commercial areas to provide human life care applications like healthcare, theft protection and taxi fraud detection. However, anomalous trajectory detection(More)
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