Muhammad Aamer Mehmood

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Bacillus thuringiensis is an insecticidal bacterium whose chitinolytic system has been exploited to improve insect resistance in crops. In the present study, we studied the CBP24 from B. thuringiensis using homology modeling and molecular docking. The primary and secondary structure analyses showed CBP24 is a positively charged protein and contains single(More)
This paper presents an in silico characterization of the chitin binding protein CBP50 from B. thuringiensis serovar konkukian S4 through homology modeling and molecular docking. The CBP50 has shown a modular structure containing an N-terminal CBM33 domain, two consecutive fibronectin-III (Fn-III) like domains and a C-terminal CBM5 domain. The protein(More)
PURPOSE We previously reported that importin 13 (IPO13), a member of the importin-β family of nuclear import proteins, regulates nuclear import of the glucocorticoid receptor in airway epithelial cells, IPO13 serves as a potential marker for corneal epithelial progenitor cells, and IPO13 is associated with corneal cell proliferation. Here we investigated(More)
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