Muhammad A. Khan

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In this research we present Bidirectional exact pattern matching algorithm [20] in detail. Bidirectional (BD) exact pattern matching (EPM) introduced a new idea to compare pattern with Selected Text Window (STW) of text string by using two pointers (right and left) simultaneously in searching phase. In preprocessing phase Bidirectional EPM algorithm(More)
Graphical password authentication techniques have been opening new doors in the world of Password Security. This technique acquires graphical password authentication in such a way that it prevents Shoulder Surfing Attack when an adversary is watching a user while user enters a password. Graphical password authentication is more venerable to shoulder attack.(More)
In Pattern recognition, ensembles of classifiers are used to increase the performance and accuracy of classification systems. The creation of ensembles, selection of base classifiers and combining the decisions of the classifiers is an active research area. In this paper we propose a method of ensemble creation that is based on fuzzy clustering (Fuzzy C(More)
  • Javed Mahmood Jasra, Muhammad A. Khan, Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Rana Aziz Ur Rehman
  • 2011
The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play critical role in the development of the country. The success of SMEs depends on number of factors. This study examines the role of key factors in the success of SMEs in Pakistan. The study also investigates the relationship between SMEs success and its determinants. Target population of the study was SMEs(More)
Steganography is the art and science of hiding information. This paper introduces eForensics as a novel technique for extracting secret information electronically encoded in most creative ways. We propose an e-Forensics system capable to detect (or extract) secret information using any generic steganalytic algorithm. The system is based on agent computing(More)
Rice is staple food of Pakistani inhabitants and is a source of foreign exchange earnings. It is an immense source of starch. Rice starch is digested so quickly than any other high starchy food and this aspect make it distinctive among other cereals. The cooking and eating value is determined by the amylose content and gelatinization temperature. The(More)
In protein fold recognition problem an effort is made to assign a fold to given proteins, this is of practical importance and has diverse application in the field of bioinformatics such as the discovery of new drugs, the individual implication of amino acid in a protein and bringing improvement in a specific protein function. In this paper, we have studied(More)
In this paper we present our work on copy detection in short Urdu text passages. Given two passages one as the source text and another as the copied text it is determined whether the second passage is plagiarized version of the source text? We have developed an algorithm for plagiarism detection. We have used the n-gram model for word retrieval and found(More)
The goal of this research is to devise a new architecture for integrating aspect oriented methodologies existing in the software engineering community to develop an Adaptive Composition and Runtime Environment (ACRE) for unmanaged adaptation of multimedia applications. The architecture of ACRE presented in this paper can transform non-adaptive applications(More)
In this paper we have investigated three aspects of classifier fusion system applied to the gender classification problem. To find the minimum subset of features for which the classifier fusion system has better performance, comparison of the three classifier fusion models and the effect of training to testing ratio on the overall output of the classifier(More)