Muhammad A. Al-Arfaj

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The choice of control structures for distillation columns is an important issue for practical industrial operation. There is no single " best " structure for all columns, so some authors feel that each column should be treated independently. Nevertheless , the objective of this work is to find for a structure that is " reasonable " for all columns. In this(More)
This paper presents the nonlinear dynamic analysis of an ideal two-reactant-two product reactive distillation. The impact of disturbance magnitudes and directions on openloop stability of the system is studied. An analysis of the physicochemical phenomena present in reactive distillation processes that, under certain operational conditions, causes special(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive formulation of a linearized state space process model for a generic two-reactant-two-product reactive distillation system. The development of the model requires the knowledge of the desired steady state design data, including liquid holdups and composition profiles. The application of the developed linear process model in(More)
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