Muhamad Saiful

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Objective: To determine the sensitivity, specificity and internal consistency of the Malay version GHQ-12 among medical student population. This study determined the appropriate GHQ-12 score to detect distressed medical students. Methods: The Malay version of GHQ-12 was derived based on two sources which were the original version GHQ-12 and the validated(More)
Introduction: The validity and reliability of the DREEM inventory was established across educational settings. It has been translated into various languages and claimed as a ‘cultural-free tool’ to measure the educational climate at educational institutions. To the author’s knowledge, none of the articles reported its validity and reliability among(More)
Objective: To compare the sensitivity, specificity and reliability between the Malay GHQ-30 and the Malay GHQ-12 in detecting distressed medical students. This study determined which version is more sensitive, specific and reliable in detecting distressed medical students. Methods: Three validated instruments, the Malay version GHQ-30, the Malay version(More)
We report a case of a young man who presented with proptosis as a delayed manifestation of a frontal extradural haematoma (EDH) following a minor head injury. A computed tomography (CT) of the brain done 72 hours after trauma revealed a large extradural haematoma in the right anterior cranial fossa with orbital roof fracture and subperiosteal clot extension(More)
Objective: Medical training has always been regarded as a highly stressful environment to students. This article described a preliminary data on impact of a stress-management programme on medical students’ stress level. Methods: This is a quasi-experimental before after comparison study design. The programme was run over half-day and convenient sampling(More)
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