Muhamad Reza

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Charging PEVs (Plug-In Electric Vehicles) at public fast charging station can improve the public acceptance and increase their penetration level by solving problems related to vehicles' battery. However, the price for the impact of fast charging stations on the distribution grid has to be dealt with. The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the(More)
This is the second part of a two-paper series. The first paper presented the transient modelling methodology for various components of Wind Power Plants (WPPs). This paper presents a general methodology for transient analysis of WPPs, and discusses case studies which investigate some of the most important high frequency interactions between different(More)
We model alternatives for moving bulk energy, including both private costs and accounting for environmental externalities by requiring the transport system to satisfy environment health, and safety standards. In particular, we focus on the cost and environmental trade-offs between "coal by wire," mine-mouth generation with electricity transmission, and(More)
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