Muh-Chyi Leu

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In a mobile pay-TV system, a large number of messages are exchanged for mutual authentication purposes. In traditional authentication schemes, with one-to-one delivery, one authentication message per request is delivered from a head end system to subscribers. This results in the delivery of a large quantity of messages and therefore is inefficient and(More)
In recent years, video surveillance industry has encountered huge evolution. First, the IP based video cameras are gradually replacing the market share of Closed-circuit television (CCTV). Second, hardware and software based network video record come to market to support more amounts of camera sources. However, pure NVR hardware or software which is(More)
Cloud computing becomes a popular trend in recent years. In the meanwhile, content delivery network has been used for many years to distribute content all over the world. The relation between cloud computing and content delivery network is very interesting. In this paper, we proposed a cloud based content delivery network. This architecture integrates cloud(More)
In recent years, as video technologies have been broadly used in TV, communication and multimedia, video security has been gaining in importance. This paper proposes a real-time selective video encryption using context-key control. The new context-key control encryption in this scheme is modified from ElGamal encryption. Using context-key control, our(More)
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