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  • Mugen Huang
  • Computers & Mathematics with Applications
  • 2010
We investigate the oscillatory behavior of the second order nonlinear dynamic equation ` a(x) ́∆ (t) + q(t)x(t) = 0, the forced dynamic equation ` a(x) ́∆ (t) + q(t)x(t) = e(t) and the forced-perturbed dynamic equation ` a(x) ́∆ (t) + q(t)x(t) = e(t) + p(t)x (t). The obtained results are new and not only extend the known results appeared in the(More)
Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease with 100 million people infected annually. A novel strategy for dengue control uses the bacterium Wolbachia to invade dengue vector Aedes mosquitoes. As the impact of environmental heterogeneity on Wolbachia spread dynamics in natural areas has been rarely quantified, we develop a model of differential(More)
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