Mufiza Farid-Kapadia

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BACKGROUND Evidence suggests that newborn and child health systematic reviews and meta-analyses exhibit poor quality in reporting. The "Preferred Reporting Items in Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis" (PRISMA) and PRISMA-Protocols (PRISMA-P) checklists have been developed to improve the reporting of systematic review results and protocols, respectively. We(More)
BACKGROUND Systematic reviews are key tools to enable decision making by healthcare providers and policymakers. Despite the availability of the evidence based Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA-2009 and PRISMA-P 2015) statements that were developed to improve the transparency and quality of reporting of systematic(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluate comparative harm-rates from medical interventions in pediatric randomized-trials (RCTs) from more-developed (MDCs) and less-developed countries (LDCs). STUDY DESIGN Meta-epidemiologic empirical evaluation of Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (June 2014) meta-analyses reporting clinically-important harm-outcomes (severe adverse(More)
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