Mufit Ozden

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We present PEACE, a stand-alone tool for high-throughput ab initio clustering of transcript fragment sequences produced by Next Generation or Sanger Sequencing technologies. It is freely available from Installed and managed through a downloadable user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), PEACE can process large data sets of(More)
The influenza A virus is a negative-stranded RNA virus composed of eight segmented RNA molecules, including polymerases (PB2, PB1, PA), hemagglutinin (HA), nucleoprotein (NP), neuraminidase (NA), matrix protein (MP), and nonstructure gene (NS). The influenza A viruses are notorious for rapid mutations, frequent reassortments, and possible recombinations.(More)
In this paper, a new metaheuristic optimization approach is developed for the mixed integer decisions with constraints within a simulation model. Each decision variable is handled by an optimizer that uses a machine learning technique. At the beginning of each iteration, the decisions are selected randomly from their decision distributions. The performance(More)
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