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Shape is an indicator of cell health. But how is the information in shape decoded? We hypothesize that decoding occurs by modulation of signaling through changes in plasma membrane curvature. Using analytical approaches and numerical simulations, we studied how elongation of cell shape affects plasma membrane signaling. Mathematical analyses reveal(More)
The shape of cell is intimately connected to its function; however, we do not fully understand the underlying mechanism by which global shape regulates cell functions. Here, using a combination of theory, experiments and simulation, we investigated how global cell curvature can affect numerous subcellular activities and organization to control signal flow(More)
Using a gelatin microbial transglutaminase (gelatin-mTG) cell culture platform tuned to exhibit stiffness spanning that of healthy and diseased glomeruli, we demonstrate that kidney podocytes show marked stiffness sensitivity. Podocyte-specific markers that are critical in the formation of the renal filtration barrier are found to be regulated in(More)
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