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Sierpinki gasket antennas as example of fractal antennas show multiband characteristics. The computer simulation of Sierpinksi gasket monopole with finite ground needs prohibitively large computer memory and computational time. Hybrid methods consist of surface integral equation method and physical optics or uniform geometrical theory of diffraction is(More)
The number of VoIP users in Indonesia is very low, although the cost offered by VoIP is smaller than using pulsed phone. One of the reason is security provided by the VoIP service provider is still lacking. VoIP users have not received yet the security service to ensure the security of communications. This study tries to secure communications between VoIP(More)
Spectrum sharing using licensed shared access is one method of spectrum usage to be more optimal and efficient. In this paper we propose techno economic approach to know investment value and economic feasibility of using spectrum sharing at radar 2700–2900MHz band. Coverage area of spectrum sharing decided about 15km outside radar coverage at(More)
The growth of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in the late years, encourages a lot of research in it. The most investigated topics are energy consumption, coverage, and connectivity in WSN. This paper discusses connectivity for WSN with the presence of simple obstacles. The LEACH protocol is used and is modified based on the obstacle, to improve the clustering(More)
Stepped impedance resonators are a structure consisting of several transmission lines with different admittances. They are used for control the spurious response and insertion loss of filters by changing the impedance/admittance ratio of the stepped impedances. The multiple mode resonator, which is implemented in form of stepped impedance resonator, can be(More)
As one of the top ten countries that has highest internet users, Indonesia is a land of opportunities for service provider companies to grow their market. Indonesian people also love to use their gadget and grow attach to them. To maintain the customers' satisfaction, the service provider companies need to balance the quality of product and the quality(More)
Transmission lines are an important component in electrical engineering, which can be used to guide energy as well as information. Nonhomogeneous transmission lines, which have position varying quantities, can be used to design matching circuit, delay equalizer, filters VLSI interconnections, etc. In analysis of nonhomogeneous transmission lines, an(More)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless system designed to identify the presence of objects attached by tags. In recent times, RFID is also used for positioning purposes. We show a scenario of wireless propagation observed by eight antennas with different polarization located in different positions. In this way, the polarization and diagram(More)
The pattern recognition system for biometric identification, which was presented in this paper, used mathematical and statistical approaches such as Principal Component Analysis as a feature extraction method also Cross Validation and k-nearest neighbor with Euclidean metric distance for the classification method. The proposed recognition system used face(More)
Dielectrics play in many telecommunication and sensor applications a significant role. The interaction between electromagnetic fields with the dielectrics can change the characteristics of both of them. In order to set up the system correctly, the knowledge about the field distributions and the material constants is very important. With the help of a(More)