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This study on the cambium of Pinus sylvestris L. examines the intrusive growth of fusiform cambial initials and its possible contribution to the tangential and radial expansions of the cambial cylinder. The location and extent of intrusive growth of the fusiform initials were determined by microscopic observations and by mathematical modeling. In order to(More)
—Spaceborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) plays more and more important role in Earth observation science, especially with ScanSAR mode which provides wide-swath coverage with moderate resolution. However, scalloping and inter-scan banding (ISB) are two major artifacts, which significantly degrade the quality of ScanSAR images. In this paper, a novel(More)
Pulse propagation in a birefringent medium carries due weightage and importance in passive modelocking of fiber lasers. We have carried out study of nonlinear effects in birefringent medium by simulating pulse propagation using adaptive step size method, which is globally an efficient algorithm for solving Schrodinger type equations using split step Fourier(More)
Growing demand of communication networks requires ultra-short pulses. Ultra-short pulses can guarantee high data transfer and power. Fiber lasers, which are actively or passively mode-locked to generate ultra-short pulses, are termed as Mode locked fiber lasers. There are a number of methods available for mode-locking of lasers. We have discussed most of(More)
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