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Myositis ossificans is a rare disease that is characterized by bone deposition in the muscle or soft tissues. Myositis ossificans of the masticatory muscles is an uncommon finding. The condition is benign and results in heterotopic bone formation in the muscles of mastication, usually producing limitation of opening of the jaws. It is important to know the(More)
CONTEXT Forensic age estimation (FAE) defines an expertise in forensic medicine, which aims to define in the most accurate way to determine the unknown chronological age of the person involved in judicial or legal proceedings. Dental cementum is a vital tissue which demonstrates continuous apposition throughout the life of the tooth. This appositional(More)
INTRODUCTION Odontogenic cysts and tumors have variable recurrence rates. Recurrence rate is mainly due to the activity of the epithelium. The epithelium of these lesions has been investigated extensively in regard to their role in proliferative and aggressive behavior of the lesions. However, the role of the connective tissue wall in their behavior has not(More)
Background: Autoimmune disorders are conditions in which autoantibodies are directed against a single organ or tissue resulting in localized tissue damage. Pemphigus includes a group of autoimmune blistering diseases of skin and mucous membranes characterized by intra dermal blisters and immunologically by finding of circulating immunoglobulin G antibody(More)
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