Mudasir Maqbool

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Neurodegenerative diseases are among the most challenging diseases with poorly known mechanism of cause and paucity of complete cure. Out of all the neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer's disease is the most devastating and loosening of thinking and judging ability disease that occurs in the old age people. Many hypotheses came forth in order to explain(More)
In present study a series of triazolopyrimidine-quinoline and cyanopyridine-quinoline hybrids were designed, synthesized and evaluated as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (AChEIs). Molecular docking and scoring was utilized for the design of inhibitors. The molecules were synthesized via an easily accessible, convergent synthetic route. Three(More)
Malaria is a critical human disease with extensive exploration yet unestablished due to occurrence of frequent drug resistance. This aspect of malaria pharmacology calls for the introduction of new antimalarial. The drugs reported till date targeted different stages of the parasites in order to stop their growth and proliferation. Beside this, various drugs(More)
GSK3 has gained a considerable attention of researchers in the late 1970s as an inevitable drug target to treat diabetes. Furthermore, it was found to have a key role in the development of diseases like cancer and neurodegeneration (ND). A broad spectrum of GSK3 inhibitors have been discovered from time to time in order to curb these diseases. Inhibition of(More)
Fig. 4. (A) Ribbon diagram of DSM1 bound to PfDHODH PDB ID 3I65. (B) Ribbon diagram of brequinar bound to hDHODH PDB ID 1D3G. In both the types, the ligands occupy the almost similar site. In the stereo diagrams of the DSM1 and brequinar binding sites the ligands are displayed as carbon in green, nitrogen in blue, oxygen in red, and sulfur in orange. (C)(More)
In our endeavor towards the development of potent multitarget ligands for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, a series of triazine-triazolopyrimidine hybrids were designed, synthesized and characterized by various spectral techniques. Docking and scoring techniques were used to design the inhibitors and to display their interaction with key residues of(More)
A series of new cyanopyridine-triazine hybrids were designed, synthesized and screened as multitargeted anti-Alzheimer's agents. These molecules were designed while using computational techniques and were synthesized via a feasible concurrent synthetic route. Inhibition potencies of synthetic compounds 4a-4h against cholinesterases, Aβ1-42 disaggregation,(More)
Background: Seizure is one of the common causes of childhood hospitalization with significant morbidity and mortality. Objective of current study was to know the incidence and etiology of epilepsy and unprovoked seizures in children in the age group 1 month to 6 years in Kashmir India. Methods: A prospective hospital based study conducted from 1 July 2009(More)
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