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BACKGROUND Mumps is a vaccine-preventable disease that usually occurs as a parotitis, but it can also lead to several life- threatening complications, including pancreatitis, meningitis and encephalitis. OBJECTIVE To determine and diagnosis of mumps disease, which is communicable disease usually affects childrens. Although it is seen worldwide, but(More)
Blood flow through frog mesenteric microvessel with multiple branching, at Reynolds number 0.022, is analyzed. After pre-processing the images the velocity and erythrocyte distribution profiles by image velocimetry and axial tomography are obtained, respectively. The vascular parameters and shape descriptors are obtained by image processing techniques. The(More)
Supernumerary teeth are common in general population and occur frequently in patients with familial trait. However, it is rare to find supernumeraries in individuals with no associated disease or syndrome. Supernumerary teeth are found in any region of maxilla and mandible, with a predisposition for anterior maxilla. A case of endodontically involved(More)
Terminalia bellirica is one of the oldest medicinal herb of India, is an ingredient of Indian Ayurvedic formulation ‘triphala’ used for the treatment of digestive and respiratory disorders. Present study is aimed to evaluate the Immunomodulatory activity of ethanolic extract of T. bellirica in mice. Immunomodulatory activity of ethanolic extract of T.(More)
In the months of November to December 2013, we investigated measles suspected cases under St. John’s Medical College Boy’s Hostel, Bangalore (SJMCBHB) of the Karnataka state. On 1st week of November 2013, a Disease Surveillance Officer reported suspected measles cases in the SJMCBHB which is situated in the centre of city. The objectives of confirming the(More)
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