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Voice control has emerged as a popular method for interacting with smart-devices such as smartphones, smartwatches etc. Popular voice control applications like Siri and Google Now are already used by a large number of smartphone and tablet users. A major challenge in designing a voice control application is that it requires continuous monitoring of user?s(More)
Building security systems are commonly deployed to detect intrusion and burglary in home and business structures. Such systems can accurately detect door open/close events, but their high-cost of installation and maintenance makes them unsuitable for certain building monitoring applications, such as times of high/low entrance traffic, estimating building(More)
Due to insufficient network infrastructure, tactical networks suffer the imbalance between network resource supply and transmission demands generated by deployed sensing devices. On top of that, those sensing devices are in multiple modalities with the need of fusing diverse inputs into unified formats to provide answers to query tasks. We addressed issues(More)
Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks (VANETs) distinguish from traditional Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs), because VANETs are aimed at constructing wireless connection among highly dynamic vehicles. The majority of research concentrates on multi-hop connectivity assuming that the links have independent and identical distribution as well as without taking the(More)
Wearable smart devices such as smart-glasses, smart-watches and life-logging devices are becoming increasingly popular, and majority of them are being equipped with first-person cameras. Such first-person cameras on smart-glasses or lifeloggers capture photos/videos from user's point of view, allowing them to record and share user's everyday events.(More)
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