Mubeen Shakir

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Selective outcome reporting is common among published randomized trials and is often associated with the reporting of positive study findings. We investigated whether publication of study protocols in publicly accessible formats is associated with the reporting of positive findings. An extended version of the Cochrane highly sensitive search strategy was(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether an association exists between the number of published randomised controlled trials and the global burden of disease, whether certain diseases are under-investigated relative to their burden, and whether the relation between the output of randomised trials and global burden of disease can be explained by the relative disease(More)
Cultural sensitivity is a crucial component of health care provision, particularly in psychiatric settings. As society becomes more multicultural, it is essential for occupational therapists to continue to develop cultural competence, which is defined in this paper as an awareness of, sensitivity to, and knowledge of the meaning of culture. At San Francisco(More)
Objective To assess whether randomised controlled trials (RCTs) that were registered were less likely to report positive study findings compared with RCTs that were not registered and whether the association varied by funding source.Design Cross sectional study.Study sample All primary RCTs published in December 2012 and indexed in PubMed by November 2013.(More)
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