Mubashira Zaman

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Inter-cell interference is the most challenging issue in femtocell deployment within the coverage of Macro base station (MBS). In this paper, we have explored the role of femtocell in LTE network and proposed a Dynamic Resource allocation management algorithm (DRAMA) for hybrid access control in spectrum shared OFDMA network to optimize the interference and(More)
Analysis of the resonance response improvement of a planar C-band (4-8 GHz) antenna is proposed using parasitic element method. This parasitic element based method is validated for change in the active and parasitic antenna elements. A novel dual-band antenna for C-band application covering 5.7 GHz and 7.6 GHz is designed and fabricated. The antenna is(More)
A radio frequency (RF) resonator using glass-reinforced epoxy material for C and X band is proposed in this paper. Microstrip line technology for RF over glass-reinforced epoxy material is analyzed. Coupling mechanism over RF material and parasitic coupling performance is explained utilizing even and odd mode impedance with relevant equivalent circuit.(More)
A semi-circle looped vertically omnidirectional radiation (VOR) patterned tag antenna for UHF (919-923 MHz for Malaysia) frequency is designed to overcome the impedance mismatch issue in this paper. Two impedance matching feeding strips are used in the antenna structure to tune the input impedance of the antenna. Two dipole shaped meandered lines are used(More)
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