Muazzam Ahmed Siddiqui

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A Hadith is a report of the deeds or sayings of the prophet Muhammad. Each of these reports were orally transmitted from one person to another till it reached a person who recorded the report along with the chain of transmission. We present a system to automatically extract the chain of narrators from a Hadith through Named Entity Recognition and(More)
We are developing a web-based plagiarism detection system to detect plagiarism in written Arabic documents. This paper describes the proposed framework of our plagiarism detection system. The proposed plagiarism detection framework comprises of two main components, one global and the other local. The global component is heuristics-based, in which a(More)
Topic modeling refers to extracting topics from text. Topic model is a statistical model whose aim is to discover topics from a large collection of documents. A topic consists of a collection of words that are more likely to be found together in the given context of that topic or theme. This paper applies a topic model to discover the thematic structure of(More)
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